Tuesday, November 4, 2008

North Vietnam Tour: Day 3: Trekking in Sapa

Woke up at 8am, had breakfast downstairs in Bamboo Hotel, check out and waited for Huang to come. We set off for the 11km+ hike down to Lao Chai, village of the Black H'mongs.

Huang our guide.

It was a cloudy and foggy day to hike. Unless you like shooting into a blank wall of grey fog...photo opportunities of the beautiful mountain scenaries and rice paddy terrace were not that many. We got like small windows of opportunity to quickly grab a few shots before the fog obscure our view again.

There was a few of Black H'mongs whom accompanied us for our little dandy hike to the village.

For most of the day, this is how the typical conversation with the locals here...who accompanied and "helped" us throughout our journey.


"What's your name?"

"Where you from?"

"Ahh Mah-layseee..." - repeat to her freinds 

etc. etc... until we stop our destination.. which they asked to buy their wares for their assistant through out the journey.

There was even one old granny that followed Ju all the way from our Lunch Stop to Ta Van. 

We bought a few stuff from them to show our appreciation and they really did help out at time at the paddy fields etc.

Here are some nice shot of the trekkers (Oi.. Tom.. I am making you a "diep-chai" star here....where are the pretty shots of me in your Canon? hee hee hee..)

We also went to Ta Van. This is the village where all the homestay "hotels" are located. Looks impressive and nice. Must really come back here one of these days, during summer time.

Got back to the Hotel at around 3pm. Guide was kind enough to arrange a room for us to freshen up and take a shower before getting on the bus to Lao Cai for dinner and a train back to Hanoi.

Reached Hanoi at 5:30am tired by had a great time.

Some more model shots.... ;)