Monday, November 3, 2008

North Vietnam tour: Day 2: Walk About in Bac Ha and Sapa

Day 2 started off with a tour of the Bac Ha market after breakfast. 
This is a weekly Sunday market were mostly locals and some Flowery H'mong selling their stuff. Can see that it is already a tourist market as opening price were absolutely ridicously high. Bargining is a norm, with rate of 50% to 60% cut is possible. A short walk from the hotel we were staying in. Here you have your normal sections of dry, wet, souvernior, live stock, clothes, bags, food etc. sections. Spend only a good couple of hours there and then it off to Sapa as it was quite the same as what we saw yesterday.

Road condition was worst that the last time on the journey to Sapa via Lao Cai. Probably due to the rain. Port holes and mud patches everywhere. Stop at Lao Cai for lunch. Reached Sapa sometime around 3pm as it was a 45 minute drive away from Lao Cai. Really foggy and raining. The tour guide went home after checking us in at Bamboo Hotel and left us with a free and easy afternoon. 

Rested and we went out for a little walk in the town. Didn't really manage to explore the whole town as it started to really pissed down after a while. Abandon the idea, and parked outselves at a local diner for a few hours before we set out back to the Hotel. 

What can I say about Sapa, this is nice little colorful tourist town which Sapa H'mong peddling their wares whever we go. I suspect we miss many sights ... it is definately worth visiting again.

Here's a few shot of Tom and Ju having a bit of fun at the verendah of Bamboo Hotel.